Adds & updates


Add a destination or update a destinations information in the portal.

How to update information of a destination or service already in the portal:
- Find the service you want either by using the name or the search criteria.
- There is a link "Did you find a mistake? Send an update request here -->" attached to the service
- Click the link and fill the form.
- The new information is saved into the system after administration approves the changes.
- Have a look also at the guide to the service.

Do you want to delete a destination from the service?
- Find the destination you want and click at the bottom of the page Did you find a mistake? Send an update request here ->
- Use the Description-field for example DELETE FROM THE DISCOVER SATAKUNTA -PORTAL
- Administration shall delete the destination information

Tips and rules:
- By filling up the form as fully as possible you'll get the widest visibility for your service. 
- In the description text use many suitable words and activities, so that by using the free text search your services are found easily.
- A photograph is recommended highly in order to give the right impression of your service. 
- Remember to link your webpages and also all other social media channels as well as webpages (max 2) from which your service can be purchased.
- You can add only one primary phonenumber to the service, so that it can be made into a link, and a customer can call you just by clicking the number.
- An email address is compulsory - the portal is kept up to date with email requests to the service providers.
- Single events are not added to the service. The channel to distribute those is, so post your event there.

- Informing a service in the portal is free. 
- The portal is meant for destinations and services regarding leisure time, living and travelling.
- The portal is a part of marketing the Satakunta region.
- Contact us and give feedback about the portal
- The portal is administered by The Regional Council of Satakunta.
- The Regional Council of Satakunta does not guarantee the information in the portal is correct, always check the information directly from the destination.