Head out to a market
Themed route to Satakunta

Get silly, hop on a moped and sample tasty treats. Whisper Christmas secrets and rescue the Maiden of the Castle. Jam to music, meet people and try new things – the summer months are busy with activity. The route begins from Karvia and goes ahead via Pori, Ulvila, Kokemäki and Säkylä to Rauma.

Markkinoilta saa tuoreita tuotteita
Early summer in Kokemäki is alive with market events around the clock! Get silly at St Henry's Market and dance away into the night at the Tulkkilan Yö event. Get excited about programme that has something for even the most demanding of travellers.

Kick your moped into gear and ride to Kauvatsa to check out Mopokarnevaalit, an event organised by moped enthusiasts. Or head out to Karvia in Northern Satakunta to take part in the Karvia Days, a summer event that rests on the strong community spirit and wilfulness of the local people.

Savustettua siikaa ja oman maan kasviksia (kuvat Juha Sinisalo)
In Satakunta, you need go no further than Rauma or Pori to catch fish! Pori Baltic Herring Market marks the opening of the Baltic herring market season in Finland at the beginning of September, and it is followed up by Rauma Baltic Herring Market later in the month. Try some glow-fried salmon or deep-fried vendace, or enjoy delicious river lamprey and tasty fish soup made to a traditional Satakunta recipe. At these market events you will also find local food: mushrooms, berries, apples, cheese and meat products.

In Pori, you'll find the feel of a traditional Finnish market at the Market Square and along the pedestrian street. Stock up on Christmas presents with hand-made items and home-grown produce at Satakunta Christmas Market. Taste, touch, haggle and soak up the experience.

Travel back in time all the way to the Middle Ages to when the town of Ulvila was first founded. At the Medieval Hanseatic Fair in Ulvila you'll see jolly jesters and swinging swords. Watch a blacksmith at work, see a knight in armour or rescue the Maiden of the Castle. Feast on typical medieval festive fare and slip on a pair of naalbound socks at an artisan's stall.

Lähituotteita ja lähiruokaa markkinoilta (kuvat Juha Sinisalo)
Säkylä's lively Kuhinat has everything you could hope for in a summer event! Jam to music, pick up finds at market stalls or simply enjoy the summery atmosphere at the Kaislikossa kuhisee event.