Experience summer
Themed route to Satakunta

Go SUPping and pretend to be a cowboy, play disc golf, work away at a pump trolley. Let the wind from the sea refresh you and the sand burn under your toes. The route leads from Eura to Merikarvia via Harjavalta, Pori, Pomarkku and Kankaanpää.

Sieravuori Eurassa Pyhäjärven rannalla (kuva Jari Laakso)
Find fun activities at Sieravuori in Honkilahti, Eura, all through the summer. Learn kiteboarding or windsurfing on the waves of Lake Pyhäjärvi or take your stag or hen group canoeing. Or how about stand-up paddleboarding, or SUPping, the latest trend in water sports? Celebrate Midsummer listening to some of the top artists in Finland or kick back in a hammock at the beach bar.

Kesäharrastuksia ja herkkuja! (kuvat 1, 2 Juha Sinisalo, 3 Succee)Kesäharrastuksia ja herkkuja!
Enjoy a five-star holiday at a postcard-picturesque villa in Harjavalta. Dance to your heart's content, have a feast in a restaurant and relax between cool sheets in your hotel room. Glide across Kokemäenjoki River on waterskis or work on your handicap on a green. Saddle up like a true cowboy, yee-haw!

Yyteri ja Reposaari Porissa (kuva 1 Visa Vehmanen, kuva 2 Vastavalo)
In Pori, summer is synonymous with Yyteri, a beach that offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. But there's much more to Pori. Travel the beautiful Kokemäenjoki River aboard the magnificent inland cruise ship M/S Charlotta and bask in the sun in Reposaari. Soak up the 1920s atmosphere at Hotel Mäntyluoto, play a round of disc golf at a course in Ahlainen, or cook up a camping meal at the summer cooking shelter at the Kitukoski hut.

Resiinaretkelle Pomarkkuun tai rentouttavasti kalaan (kuva 1 Satakuntaliitto, kuva 2 Seppo Keränen)
Put your muscles to work and watch the sceneries change! Riding a pump trolley is certainly a unique way to travel by rail and feel the closeness of nature. Plan your own route, set off and get the entire family pumping away! For a place to stay after the trip, try the Railway Hostel in Pomarkku. The hostel can accommodate groups large or small. Try your luck at fishing on the clear waters of Lake Valkjärvi and let your thoughts dissolve into a bright Satakunta summer's night in a square-log cabin at Korpirämäkkä.

In the summer, Kankaanpää welcomes caravanners to its high-quality caravan site. Follow a story trail to an abundant natural spring, Kuninkaanlähde, or take a dip in a heated outdoor swimming pool. Chew on a sweet carrot and observe the hustle and bustle of a busy Saturday market. For a safe and secure place to stay, drive to “Grandma’s Place” in Kurkikorpi.

Merikarvia - sata aurinkoista päivää enemmän! (kuvat Merikarvia)
In Merikarvia, summer residents increase the population by the thousands. When the weather is fair, Krookka Marina is the throbbing heart of Merikarvia. While at the marina, visit Kalaliike Eljas Santa, a fishmonger's, for some delicious smoked fish. Take some time to enjoy art at Art Gallery Vanha Savu. Experience summer theatre at the unique Krookka seaside stage and have coffee by a stream at Kahvimylly, the old mill in Lankoski.