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Themed route to Satakunta

Take a tour on the Circle of Art or try your hand at circus skills. Breathe in the spirit of the earth, re-energise yourself in concerts and exhibitions. Have a few laughs at a summer theatre performance and take a plunge into the world of contemporary art. Follow in the footsteps of Dingo and take a spooky Ghost Walk. The route starts from Kankaanpää and ends to Eurajoki. It circles via Pori, Ulvila, Harjavalta, Kokemäki, Köyliö and Rauma.

Kankaanpää is a town where rugged but beautiful heath terrain meets sturdy brick architecture. It is also home to the Circle of Art, a collection of over a hundred public works of art in the urban space, with new pieces being added on a continuous basis. Get in a cultural workout by taking a tour on the Circle of Art or walking the Path of Art from one end to the other, taking you right through the town centre. Immerse yourself in events that run during the Art Week. Search, discover, pull to a stop, linger a bit longer, get to know the world of art.

In the village of Tuiskula in Köyliö, you will find a wondrous arts destination, Pelimannimäki. Marvel at toys, animals and fairytale buildings built from scrap materials, as well as the many art exhibitions. Have a creativity day at school or try out circus equipment. After an excursion packed full with circus art and fun activity, it is time to wind down at Villa Linturi, the former home of painter Into Linturi.

Emil Cedercreutzin museo Harjavallassa (kuva Satu Soppela)
Another way to enjoy Linturi's art is to visit the Emil Cedercreutz Museum in Harjavalta. Located in beautiful natural surroundings on the Kokemäenjoki riverbank, the museum offers a diverse mix of art and cultural history. Discover the very distinctive Harjula Artist's Home, fall in love with silhouette art or learn about life in the rural areas as it was in the past and show your appreciation of everyday farm work by visiting the Temple of the Rural Spirit.

Satasoitto is a music festival that spreads from Harjavalta to Kokemäki. Satasoitto's musical landscapes take you from high-profile classical concerts to concerts of lighter music, including something for the whole family to enjoy. Enjoy a moment of calm in a church concert of sacred music or sweep across the floor to tango at a community centre evening event.

Kesäteatteria Satakunnassa
Satakunta is bursting with entertaining summer theatre. Enjoy an entertaining dose of culture at the summer theatre in Lavia. Discover a charming seaside stage in Kuivalahti or see theatre company Ulpu perform at the outdoor recreation centre Massi in Ulvila – experience the magic of theatre while listening to the wind whispering through the tall pine trees.

Step into the home of industrialist couple Teresia and Rafael Lönnström in Rauma and enjoy the splendor of design and art. Ride the high wave of Finnish and international art at Pori Art Museum and find new ways to approach art in workshops suited to visitors of all ages. 

Kummituskävelyä Porissa
Familiarise yourself with a little piece of Finnish popular culture. Pori Rock tour will take you on a themed tour around the city in the footsteps of Dingo, Yö and Mamba. Step into the shoes of a rocker and solve rock music-related puzzles. Or go on a Ghost Walk that will send shivers of excitement down your spine. Who is it that haunts the Town Hall tower? What are phantoms of the theatre like?